Fab Fake Fruit

25 Dec




2012-12-24 22


These are my fab pears I found at the DI for 25 cents each (along with those textured balls shown in the middle picture).  I started by spray painting them, one white and one blue.  I have a huge jar of jems that I used for the first pear.  I used hot glue, it’s the easiest since it dries the fastest.   I tried to cover all the white paint, but it all blends pretty well so it didn’t need to be perfect.  The second pear was painted with blue spray paint so I used blue glitter.  Id recommend using some sort of top layer spray for the glitter fruit just so it doesn’t make a mess when your decorating with them.  But yep, that’s my quick little craft for tonight.  I haven’t decided where to put them yet, but I’m sure I’ll find a space after I take down my (red and gold) Christmas decorations!

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Tips and Tricks to Thrifting!

13 Dec

Unfortunately, shopping at a second hand store is not as easy as shopping at a regular retail store.  My hope is to help you feel not so flustered, and to help you find those diamonds in the rough. Lets begin with what we should be doing at the thrift store to help us get the most for our money.

This is a generic tip, but it is very applicable.  Make a list! Most people associate used items, with saving money… That is not always the case.  Now I will admit, sure it’s okay to stray once and awhile from your list because you never know what lies on those shelves; BUT a cart full of cool things that you will never use/don’t need, will waste money just like shopping anywhere else.

Another tip that goes along with making a list is set a limit on what you’ll spend if you’re just going to browse.  Sometimes we don’t necessarily need anything, and that is absolutely okay.  Treat yourselves every once and awhile.  Just stick to the limit!

If possible, go to the thrift store right when it opens.  Usually the staff stocks with new merchandise during after hours when the store is closed.  Going earlier in the day means there’s more good stuff.

Test out all electronics before purchasing!  Most used stores are pretty strict on their return policy because that is apart of the risk of buying used.  BUT that does not mean we go into the investment blind.  If it plugs in or needs batteries, test it out in the store.  Most places should have readily available outlets to use, and if they don’t then ask employees where you can find one.  This could keep you from wasting a lot of money.

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but keep your smart phones handy if you have them!  If you are questioning whether its a good deal or not, look it up.  Believe it or not, thrift stores can overprice too.  Sometimes it could be worth it to pass on used and buy new.  But I don’t admit that often. 😉

Next, thoroughly clean what you take home with you, including your hands! Hopefully we use our common sense here… The items at used stores are USED!  And not only that, but people touch them all day long every day..  Don’t trust the store to clean every item completely.  Take a few extra minutes when getting home and throw the clothes in the wash, plastic toys in the dishwasher and whatever else you might need to clean.  Just do it!  No one wants lice from a pillow case.

And of course, bargain with them!  Lots of times the listed price is up for negotiation.  Find a MANAGER and be polite.  Find flaws in the item that could reduce the price or buy in multiples.  For instance, 2 lamps could be priced $25 each, but try both for $40.  If they absolutely will not budge, try passing on the item and coming back at a later time to see if they reduce the price.  If a item sits for too long, the will cut the price.

And the last the I ask of you… please do not buy undergarments used.  Hopefully I am stating the obvious here but you can buy them just as cheap at Walmart. End of story.

I hope at least one of these pieces of advice will come in handy if you decide to tackle a thrift store!  It may take some time to really get the hang of shopping used, but it’s not as scary as it seems.

Gotta love thrifting!

Decorating with Thrift Finds!

11 Dec


collage1If you haven’t guessed yet, I don’t have the income to buy all new, designer home decor.  BUT that is absolutely okay with me!  I get a lot of satisfaction from finding great deals.  Although it does require a bit of creativity, and sometimes it may not turn out absolutely perfect, it is much more gratifying. I don’t remember the prices specifically enough to post them, BUT I know for SURE that not one of these items alone cost more than $10.00!  The only items that were not bought at a secondhand store are the 2 mini nut-crackers on the top shelf.  But leave it to me to save money on decor…. They were purchased at the dollar store, $1.00 each!

Gotta love thrifting!

Broke and Bored

5 Dec


It’s always a dangerous situation when I’m bored, usually I handle it by taking a trip to the thrift store.  I knew I really couldn’t spend any money today though, so began my hunt for little crafts to do with items I already had at my apartment.  I came across a cheap headband, yarn, and my hot gun.  And the result,  a nautical-ish themed headband.  It could be worse.

 Gotta love thrifting!

Upcycled Key Holder

4 Dec

key holderI loved the feel of this key holder I saw on etsy yet I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I felt like I needed to at least attempt this. SO I did! I found all the materials super cheap at the thrift store. I found what was already a key holder but it was nasty and tacky so I sanded, painted and added some string. Then voila!

I use it for a necklace holder now because it doesn’t really go with my kitchen but I still love it!

Gotta love thrifting!

Past Thrift Finds

4 Dec


Like most people, when my husband and I moved into our first apartment together, we had to start from SCRATCH to furnish and decorate it.  I felt so intimidated by the huge task at hand.

The second we got engaged I began my hunt at the thrift and secondhand stores.  There are VERY few things in our apartment that we bought new.  Growing up, my dad was always into the thrift/antique/secondhand scene.  I HATED going to those old smelly stores but now I can’t get enough of em.  My dad flips houses for a living and he saves SO much money by being smart about his purchases and only buying new when absolutely necessary.

Now that I’m on my own I like to think I’ve grown to be like him in that way.  Since I’ve only had this blog for about a week I’m still working on adding all my thrift finds so bare with me.

As I mentioned I LOVE candles and I was ecstatic when I stumbled upon that little gem up there.
It’s a 13 OZ Soy Christmas Candle that smells great with our real Christmas Tree we just put up.  I tried researching the candle brand and maker but it was impossible to find any trace of this brand.  I even downloaded an App to scan the bar code but that didn’t even pull up anything.  So if you know anything about it I’d love to know!

The painting is an original but it’s not signed. I found it just on the canvas, no frame or anything but I liked it instantly.  It’s very elegant and simple.  It looks great hanging in my hallway.

Last but not least the bar stools. These things were HIDEOUS when we found them but the were stable and cheap so I thought I could fix them up just fine.  I painted the base and covered the seat with fabric scraps found at the secondhand store.

Gotta love thrifting!

97% Off Yankee Candle

4 Dec


I love candles, but they can get so EXPENSIVE! That is why one of the first places I head in a thrift store is the candle section.  A lot of the time  I can find some really great deals.
And another great thing is many times the candle is barely used, for instance this Yankee Candle I found at the local Deseret Industries (second hand store) was like new.
I suspect many of the candles are just from people who aren’t fond of the scent.  But this scent/candle, my friends, is amazing.  I even went on The Yankee Candle website just to look for more because I love it so much.
And the kicker?!?! It was$0.75!! Yes that is right, 75 cents for a $24.00 candle.  And if you do the math, that is 97% off.  
Gotta love thrifting!
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